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Several years ago I used to be a somewhat serious blogger. I’d post two or three times a day sometimes and had over one hundred regular readers and tens of thousands of page-views per week. At first I thought it was a means of expressing my “innermost thoughts” about the world, politics, philosophy, literature, travel, etc. but the longer I continued to write, and the more readers I accumulated, the wider the gap became between the person portrayed in my blog entries and the person writing them. I was writing for my audience instead of writing for myself, and becoming a caricature in the process. More then that, my daily thoughts were consumed with writing the narrative of my life instead of actually living it. I set the blog to private in 2008, continued to alienate my readers for the next 18 months, then after they’d either left or I’d blocked them from viewing my site, I moved on with my life. But I do occasionally look back at my posts (over 1,000 of them) and wonder, who the hell was that person? Most of the time it certainly wasn’t me…

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Darren Bartley
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Darren Bartley

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Apr 22, 2014

Will be attending a tattoo convention next fortnight for local professionals. I wonder what the typical standard is around here. There are two parlours within walking distance of my apartment - one is like a boutique and the staff are all professional, the other is more casual and the quality of some of the work is pretty poor (the type of stuff you see covered up in Tattoo Nightmares). I want to know if these two places represent extremes on the spectrum or is one more representative of the general standard than the other, or what…

Working on this now…
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Working on this now…

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Collected Works of Deng Xiaoping
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Collected Works of Deng Xiaoping